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Member of the Year

The Nohr Award will be presented to one person at the end of each year.  A member is nominated if  he or she does volunteer work for the club.  Volunteer work consist of doing demos, cleaning up after demos, helping with open turnings, helping with Learn to Turn or College for Kids, participating at fairs or shows, or helping out at meetings. Names will be recorded each month for the months of January through November.  Members who volunteer more than once will only be counted once for the year.  The name drawn will win a $100 check from the club.

2020 Member of the Year: John Haight
2021 Member of the Year: Maureen Seier
2022 Member of the Year: Byron Bohnen

2023 Nominees

January nominees: Lyndal, Paul, John Haight, Frank, Dan Heger, Grant Barlow, Andrew Barlow, John Urness

February nominees:


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