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Harry Nohr
1897 -1976

Harry Nohr Woodturners was formed in 2008. Members are interested in learning and teaching about

woodturning. The name, Harry Nohr, was chosen to honor the father of modern woodturning, Harry Nohr.

Bowl Maker; Born in Waupaca, Wisconsin of Danish emigrant parents, Nohr's first foray into craftsmanship began

while he was a U.S. soldier in France: he sold vases crafted from empty ammunition shells and parts from

German guns and French airplanes. Back in the States, Nohr spent his first career as the postmaster in Mineral 

Point, Wisconsin, from 1949-1966. In 1959 he took up wood turning and continued making bowls into his

retirement. He created his bowls and sold them out of his home at 307 High Street, Mineral Point. His process 

included coating a bowl-shaped block of wood in wax, which he then wrapped in newspaper and stored in a

humidity and temperature controlled room for two years. After unwrapping the block of wood, Nohr cut it to a

uniform thickness by hand on a lathe and finished it by baking it and covering it with epoxy. Nohr used wood from

more than 20 native trees, and found that the burl of the tree produced the most aesthetically pleasing designs.

He won awards at various design shows and art fairs and was featured in an ABC television program called "With

These Hands" (1971). He also served on the Executive Council of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. View

examples of his work elsewhere at

[Source: Whyte, Bertha K. Craftsmen of Wisconsin. Racine, Wisconsin: Western Company, Inc., 1971.]

Harry Nohr Woodturners Club 

is part of the 300th Chapter of the 

American Association of Woodturners

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